That's snow not rain!

Why quick bursts of snow made it to valley floors Friday afternoon
Posted at 12:55 PM, Jan 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-15 14:55:08-05

MISSOULA — “Why is it snowing and not raining? You said it would rain last night!”

First let me say, I am glad you are a loyal viewer of our nightly news!

Second, you are correct. I did say that we would see light rain showers.

So why is it snowing?

Here is why it changed:

Last night skies cleared enough to allow temperatures to drop to the 20s and teens (as expected).

Clouds moved in early this morning, and those colder pockets of air were trapped in some valleys, like Missoula, throughout the afternoon hours (unexpected).

Temperatures were expected to warm to or above freezing by the afternoon hours.

Moisture would have then moved in during those warm(er) times of the day, and the light precipitation would have fallen as light rain showers or even a light drizzle.

BUT since those cold pockets of air have settled into our area, it wasn’t rain that fell but snow!

Quick bursts of snow made their way into even the lowest elevations this afternoon.

While this quick burst of snow didn’t add up to a lot in valleys, it still was a sight to see.

We haven’t had snow in a while!

It was also enough to prompt Winter Weather Advisories to go into place until Friday evening.

Slick roads and sidewalks are still possible as a result of even the slightest accumulation.

Make sure you drive safe!

The majority of snow/rain/wintry mix will move out Friday evening.