Warming up before cooling way down this week

Rain, cooler weather on the way
Posted at 2:37 PM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 16:37:18-05

MISSOULA — High pressure keeps us warm and dry these next few days.

We are expecting blue skies and temperatures to increase to the mid to upper 50s Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons!

There are some very isolated chances of showers on Tuesday night for the northwest.

Moisture and cooler temperatures move in to end our work week.

The northwest will see the first round of more widespread showers on Wednesday.

The rest of west-central and southwest parts of the state remain dry until Thursday morning.

These changes arrive with a cold front moving in from the west.

Rainy conditions end our lower elevations’ workweek as temperatures during the day and night stay above freezing through Friday afternoon.

Another front from the north moves in over the weekend.

This will bring those drastic temperature drops.

Temperatures will drop from the 50s Thursday to the 40s Friday to the 30s and 20s this weekend.

As daytime highs hit the 20s and 30s Saturday, overnight lows are expected to drop to the single digits and teens to end the weekend.

With moisture still expected Saturday, we can expect cold air to mix with moisture and snow will be falling from the sky at all elevations.

This weekend forecast is a little far out to know exact snow totals, but we will keep an eye on this second cold front for the weekend.

What will concentrate on first is getting ready for our first cold front from the west Wednesday/Thursday which will bring rain to the forecast.