Weather Forecast: Afternoon wind gusts moving in for Labor Day

Labor Day Wind Gusts
Posted at 5:09 AM, Sep 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-05 07:09:13-04

MISSOULA — Some of western Montana hit unhealthy air quality yesterday, including Missoula and Hamilton.

Air quality changes hour by hour, but wind gusts moving in later today could clear out the haze and make Labor Day a breezy holiday.

The wind gusts will hit around 4:00 PM with gusts hitting between 10-20 MPH. Temperatures will be in the mid 80s during the afternoon hours. Outside of the haze and poor air quality, Labor
Day conditions will be perfect to celebrate the end of summer.

We will have a short-lived heat wave in the middle of the week on Wednesday, followed by a short cool down on Friday.

Our dominate high pressure system will move east and allow a low pressure system to move in for the weekend.