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Math, science and dance come together at Missoula elementary school

Posted at 1:21 PM, May 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-27 13:38:23-04

MISSOULA – Students at Paxson Elementary School are learning that math, science and dance all go hand in hand.

In our final Arts and Education report for this school year, we learned how the Missoula school is integrating education with movement.

Kindergarteners are learning units of measurement and it does not look like a typical math class. That’s because when we stopped by, the students were learning math through dance and movement.

Jamie Arnold, is a dance integration teacher through SPARK! Arts Missoula and before the school year even starts, she sits down with the local teachers to talk about how she can bring her dance experience and integrate into the school’s curriculum.

“Usually I meet with the teachers beforehand to go over anything in the curriculum. This week we are focusing on measurements, so that is related to math,” Arnold said. “But we have also done language arts and thing like that.”

Now if you have kids or have spent even a little bit of time with them, then you know their energy levels can be off the charts — and that’s why this type of teaching is so special.

The students can learn math — but be active and move at the same time.

“Kids are kinesthetic learnings, I think that any time you can use physical activity and movement, it is really wonderful for kids to learn and grow. Connecting dance with any particular subject is really great for them,” Arnold told MTN News.