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One Class at a Time: Bonner School teacher Tricia Zimmerman

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Posted at 8:03 AM, Nov 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-29 10:03:53-05

BONNER - With the holiday season in full swing, you may want to think about shopping locally this year.

For this edition of One Class at a Time, we talked with a teacher in Bonner who says her students have brought back the joy in shopping locally.

Tricia Zimmerman teaches math at Bonner School as well as a middle school elective where she helps students learn life skills to run what they call the Lumberjack Market.

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Zimmerman will purchase new irons with her $250 grant to help the students create new products to sell, but she says the market has done more than just teach life skills.

“This has been so much more than I ever expected,” Zimmerman said. “I’m in awe of these kids” 3:23

We were told that the Lumberjack Market has plenty of Christmas items to sell for people who want to support our students and community in Western Montana.