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One Class at a Time: Potomac School's Sarah Schmill

OCAT Sarah Schmill
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Posted at 11:33 AM, Feb 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-07 13:35:09-05

POTOMAC - This week’s One Class at a Time winner is a teacher from Potomac School who says that her commute to work is the best in Montana.

Sarah Schmill has been a teacher at Potomac for 23 years and with her long tenure at the school, she says she's "starting to see the next generation of students.”

She loves the close-knit community in Potomac — even though there are big age gaps between the approximately 100 students at the school.

“We find opportunities where our bigs and littles, "BLT time" get together once a month, where they read together or write together... so just building some more of those relationships," explained Schmill.

Right now, Schmill is working more with the littles in her PE class, so she will buy mounted, adjustable hoops to add to the existing basketball hoops at the gym with her $250 grant.

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"They’re dribbling, and they’re passing, and they really really want to shoot, and it’s just so hard for them when you’re only three feet tall to make a basket into the regulation size hoop," Schmill shared.

Even though this purchase will help the littles now, she’s hoping it will help future generations of Potomac School — a place she holds dear.

“Not many places you get to on your drive to work look at beautiful mountains and the bald eagles and the bighorn sheep song the side of the roads," Schmill said. "It’s a really beautiful place to work, just the feel has me hooked, I’m not planning on leaving!”

Schmill isn’t just a PE teacher. She also teaches music and is an instructional coach for other teachers.