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Salute to Service: Lake Co. detective "Deputy of the Year"

LCSO Detective Scott Sciaretta
Posted at 4:06 PM, Jun 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-13 16:19:20-04

POLSON — Law enforcement officers lay their life out on the line every time they put on their badges, not expecting to receive any awards, just to do their jobs.

But one Lake County detective's actions in December of 2020 amazed his undersheriff.

MTN News talked with the Deputy of the Year Scott Sciaretta about the night that he saved not just his life, but other officers -- and a man in distress.

“Any of my fellow deputies, any law enforcement officer, we sign up for this. That's what's expected of us, and you know that's our job and our job is keep people safe,” Sciaretta said.

Providing safety, and deescalating situations is something Sciaretta is bound to do,

But his quick wit, and ability to save a person in distress’s life is what earned him Deputy of the Year from the Montana Sheriff’s Peace Officer Association.

“All in all, it worked out, and It was a day, you know, it was one I'm not going to forget because of the circumstances involved in it, but. you don't you don't think about it you just do it,” said Sciaretta.

Sciaretta was off duty when he received a call of a man threatening to hurt himself. He was the closest to the scene so Sciaretta suited up.

Members of law enforcement put their lives on the line and never know which call will put their lives and others on scene in danger in this situation both occurred.

Sciaretta was able to distract disarm and restrain a man who was threatening his own life and eliminating the risk of injury for officers and the man they were there to help.

Unknown to him, this would lead Undersheriff Ben Woods to nominate him for Deputy of the year. And being recognized by the Undersheriff, Sciaretta says brings him the utmost joy.

“He's always been fair with me and everything else and to be recognized by him in our office means a great deal to me,” said Sciaretta.

Having 13 years under his belt, Sciaretta sees situations like this as another reason to love his job.

“I really enjoy serving the people that we have here. It gives me a good feeling when I know on their worst day that I'm there to help," Sciaretta.

"And so. that's what gets me up in the morning,” he concluded.