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This Gadget Clips Your High Heels To Your Purse When Your Feet Start To Hurt

This Gadget Clips Your High Heels To Your Purse When Your Feet Start To Hurt
Posted at 6:55 AM, Sep 03, 2019

I’m not one for high heels. Never have been. Once upon a time, when faced with an impending wedding or another semi-formal event, I would make the pilgrimage to DSW, purchase a pair of strappy sandals I could successfully walk in without face-planting and call it a day. Inevitably, though, halfway through the event, I would feel as if someone were trying to saw my foot off at the ankle and I would abandon the shoes beneath my table and go barefoot. Later, looking at the shoes that had caused me such pain, I would experience flashbacks. Vowing never to wear those terrible shoes again, I’d donate them to charity.

Then the next event would come, and I’d start the cycle all over again.

These days, I just wear wedge heels to these events and call it a day. Sure, people might notice my less-than-chic footwear and deem me unfashionable. But I am now of an age at which care about nothing more than whether or not I might be able to locate some brie during the cocktail hour.

For those who still put some effort into their appearance (at least I shave my legs sometimes!), the team behind Luna + Roxly has created a solution for your aching feet.

Kickstarter / My Shoe Bae

According to the Kickstarter page for this gadget, My Shoe Bae was designed​ for women who want to rock some fierce high heels for the evening — “or just long enough to make a good first impression.” The device, which can be looped onto your heels in two different ways, is made to hang discreetly from your purse, your belt loop or even your dress sash.

My Shoe Bae is just 4-inches long and 2-inches wide, making it easy to keep in your purse 24/7. It sports a set of O-rings you can loop around an ankle strap, or around the heels of your shoes.

Here. You can see how they work in this promotional video, which features a group of women who are way better at walking in spiked heels than I am:

The Luna + Roxly website points out that 72% of women wear high-heeled shoes, while over 50% of those women report experiencing foot pain because of their footwear choices. A report from the American Podiatric Medical Association goes even deeper on how heel pain is one of the most persistent causes of foot distress in the U.S.

But instead of advising us to toss our high heels and develop a healthy appreciation for orthotics (I am squarely on Team Orthotics!), Luna + Roxly have made it possible for women to make their grand entrance in style and then ditch the high heels for some barefoot time on the dance floor. And instead of abandoning their shoes in a place from which they might disappear, women can now hold onto them — hands-free — while still taking selfies, sipping martinis and clambering up onto the bar in order to boogie down.

If this gadget seems like the answer to your prayers, there are still 20 days left to contribute to this Kickstarter. My Shoe Bae is just 33% funded so far, but you could help take them all the way. And if you pledge at least $19, you can get your own Bae, with free U.S. shipping. The Kickstarter estimates that deliveries could happen as soon as December 2019.

What do you think? Would you try this nifty gadget? Or are you also Team Orthotics?

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