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Arlee Rehabilitation Center is seeking donations for their clinics

ARC Spay and Neuter Clinic
ARC Spay and Neuter Clinic
Posted at 5:08 PM, Feb 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 19:10:25-05

ARLEE — The Arlee Rehabilitation Center (ARC) has a passion for animals and people. That effort is not being wavered, as they seek donations to help fund their spay and neuter clinic.

The center is aimed at serving the Flathead Indian Reservation and the spay and neuter clinic is one way they accomplish this. During ARC's first clinic, held in September 2021, in Kicking Horse, they spay and neutered a little under 150 animals.

"There are so many animals and there are quite a few people who are mired in poverty, unfortunately, and especially in the southern reaches of the reservation but stretching all the way up to Pablo," said Filip Panusz, Arlee Rehabilitation Center executive director and founder.

"There are pockets of communities that really struggle and they care about their animals. They love their animals, and they want to do the right thing, but often, other things get in the way. And often, unfortunately, that's finances. And there are other challenges that these families face as well. But that's certainly a big one."

The center is hoping to offer three spay and neuter clinics in 2022, to help offset or provide free services for those who need it, benefiting much more than the owner.

"It benefits the animal," said Panusz. "It benefits other animals, it benefits that particular family, and it benefits the whole neighborhood around them. And it benefits us and the animal rescue community because we are ultimately in the long run less overwhelmed now."

The Arlee Rehabilitation Center has not solidified this year's spay and neuter clinic dates yet.

If you want to make a donation or need their services you can call Filip Panusz at (406) 207-9338 or click here for more information about the nonprofit organization.