Butte doctor participating in COVID-19 vaccine trial stresses importance of vaccinations

Posted at 11:45 AM, Dec 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 13:45:30-05

BUTTE — Dr. Serena Brewer is participating in the second round of the AstraZeneca Vaccine trials in Butte.

As a doctor, she’s certain she’s getting the actual vaccine and not a placebo.

“So I’m hopeful, based on my side effects, I got the vaccine, but I don’t actually know,” said Dr. Brewer.

Her mild side effects quickly went away after getting her first injection four weeks ago. She was eager to be a part of this important test run to be a good example to the community.

“So we wanted the community to be able to see that medical providers think this is important enough that we’re even willing to put our bodies into the research,” said Dr. Brewer.

Nurses at the Mercury Medical Center said more than 200 people from the community have participated in the trial test, which will be wrapping up in a month.

“It’s been really good, really positive; a lot of people are really receptive of it, so that’s good,” said Nurse Michelle Harvey.

Once the vaccine becomes readily available to everyone, those in the medical profession recommend everyone get vaccinated, because the more people who get vaccinated, the better chance we have of defeating this virus.

“We need as many members of the community to participate, not just for your own protection but the protection of your community," Dr. Brewer said.

"Our primary argument with the community is please think about your neighbors, think about your friends, support them by getting vaccinated and building up our numbers,” Dr. Brewer added.

St. James HealthCare in Butte will begin vaccinating frontline staff with the Pfizer vaccine on Thursday.