Ravalli County working to sort through multiple vaccine sign-ups

Posted at 9:37 AM, Mar 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-11 11:38:13-05

HAMILTON — Ravalli County Health officials and partners providing COVID vaccine are running into a new problem -- sorting through multiple lists where people have signed up to get their shots and have already been vaccinated.

Ravalli County began taking names of people wanting vaccines several weeks ago, and the response was strong, with thousands signing up. At the same time, other lists were developed by pharmacies and other outlets.

So at this point, everyone is having to spend some extra time sorting through the names of people who are on multiple lists, but have already received shots.

"We are getting to the place in those lists where there are more people signed up on it that have gotten doses somewhere else, or that repeats, than there are people who are still needing vaccine," Ravalli County Public Health Director Tiffany Webber said.

"That's great for us in a way because that means we're getting a dent. We're knocking it out. But it's problematic in that it's taking us longer and longer to book those appointments. Because we're going through a lot of phone calls just trying to find, you know, a handful of bodies that are prepared," Webber added.

Unfortunately, the county's software doesn't allow names to be removed. Even so, Webber says the county still wants people to register to make sure everyone gets the vaccine they want.

She does advise Bitterroot residents to keep listening for additional direction because the county is close to asking people to call if they want a shot and haven't made an appointment.