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Polson evacuation center helps displaced

Red Cross provides emergency services to wildfire evacuees
Polson Evacuation Center
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polson shelter
polson shelter
Posted at 9:06 PM, Aug 01, 2021

POLSON — At the Lake County Red Cross Evacuation Center at the Linderman School Gym, displaced individuals from the fire can find aid.

Kean McCrea told MTN News he did not get a knock on his door from authorities but decided to self-evacuate with his mother at about 4 A.M. Sunday morning.

“It was really hot last night, and you could smell the smoke, McCrea said.

McCrea said they will use the shelter for a couple of nights, and that his friends at the fireline are communicating the damage.

"He said 'Kean and I've never seen fire act like this before,' he said 'it's different than from years like 10 years ago," McCrea said.

polson shelter

The fire concern changed drastically overnight Saturday.

John Peregoy, Lake County Red Cross Disaster Action Team Chair, said before things took a turn for the worse, his team was put on standby.

“We were put on standby. 11:30 we were called out to set up the shelter," Peregoy said.

Volunteers and authorities are on their toes meeting changing needs. The facility currently has space for about 150 people and is at around 50% capacity. If needed Red Cross will open a second location.

polson shelter

“From last night to now, it’s absolutely rapidly evolving,” Peregoy said of the situation.

For evacuees that have animals, Lifesavers Animal Rescue is on the scene. President Lynette Duford is connecting displaced animals with temporary foster homes.

“I’ve never had to do this. This is sort of a just meeting the needs of this evacuation,” Duford said.

The shelter does not accommodate pets, so the foster homes are on standby for those in need along with crates, leashes, and other supplies.

Duford said the community support is abundant at this time.