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A Helena filmmaker is working on a craft beer documentary

Posted at 3:03 PM, Dec 05, 2020

Craft beer is a hot commodity in Montana with the average Montanan, of legal drinking age, drinking 8.5 gallons of craft beer in 2019 alone, according to Brewers Association and Brad Ouldhouse is doing what he can to showcase Montana's love for craft beer brewing through a documentary.

Ouldhouse is an independent filmmaker located in Helena and his inspiration for the documentary came from prior work he's done with Montana breweries.

“One of my clients, they were called back in the day Crooked Furrow, I used to do a lot of video work for them. And just being able to turn the cameras on in the brewery and see the ins and outs and how it all works, was really like an eye opening experience," said Ouldhouse. "And I was like, why can't I just take my love of making visual stories and marry that with a larger story of Montana craft beer?”

Creating a documentary is no small feat, and even more difficult when it's just one person shooting, editing, and creating it, which is why Ouldhouse created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project. As it sits right now, Ouldhouse is currently at just over $2,000 of his $35,000, with less than a month to go. However, Ouldhouse is still hopeful he’ll be able to reach his goal.

“It's a large goal, and I feel like we can get there," said Ouldhouse. "Overall, I feel like the support for the film has been absolutely incredible, and I'm very encouraged by the way people responded.”

Ouldhouse said it will take him approximately 14 weeks to shoot the project and, if all things go according to plan, the documentary will be finished by May of 2022.