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Extended-stay residents in Kalispell receive life-changing gift days before eviction

Fairbridge Inn
Posted at 5:05 PM, Feb 09, 2022

KALISPELL — In January, extended-stay residents at the Fairbridge Inn and Suites in Kalispell were told they were being evicted with just 30 days’ notice due to the sale of the hotel.

With affordable housing options severely limited in the Flathead, residents were desperately searching and praying for possible solutions.

On Wednesday, those prayers were temporarily answered for 35 households thanks to a generous private donation.

"It’s just life-changing,” Fairbridge resident Joe Vachal told MTN News.

Each household desperately searching for answers before eviction day on Saturday received a $10,000 donation from Flathead County philanthropists Michael and Jamie Goguen.

“Now will be able to afford to get into at least a hotel while we’re waiting to hear back from housing, and just grateful.” said Vachal.

The checks were handed out by Community Action Partnership in the Flathead, leaving Faribridge residents stunned.

“Just thank you to everyone out there in the Flathead that has given us the grace of God, the support that we desperately need, to know that there are people out here who just got a chance,” added Vachal.

Fairbridge resident Cheyanne Sciacqua was worried she would be sleeping in a car come Saturday with her newborn baby.

She said this money changes everything.

“It’s just a lot especially when you’re a first time parent and you have a baby and you can’t just sleep in a car, you have to think for your family and you got to make sure you know there’s a warm place, he has his bed and you just got to make sure you take care of your family and this right here will definitely help,” said Sciacqua.

David Weber has lived at Fairbridge for the last 9 years.

Weber is on 100% disability and is considered unemployable.

He said the $10,000 gift is a blessing.

“This is going to free me up a little bit at least to have some freedom of movement after I get the roof back over my head,” added Weber.

Weber said all he wants is a chance to return the favor one day to the Goguen’s.

“I will catch a bullet for you, you call me, you need me, somehow I will be there to help you,” said Weber.

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