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Kalispell Fire Department hires three new women recruits

Kalispell Fire Department
Posted at 1:14 PM, Mar 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 17:54:05-04

KALISPELL — It was a rough 2020 for the Kalispell Fire Department and not just because of pandemic protocols, but due to firehouse closures and staff shortages.

However, things are looking up as the department has hired three new recruits, all of whom are women.

“We looked the best candidates and it just happened that the best candidates that after testing and physical agility, the top three were all gals,” said Kalispell Fire Department Assistant Chief D.C. Haas.

Chief Haas says that these women are stronger than nails.

“The gals are tough. They've proved themselves and will continue to prove themselves and they've gone through tremendous agility tests,” said Haas.

But their training does not stop after their first eight weeks.

“We do physical fitness training each day and they're proving themselves to be great firefighters," Haas explained.

The women also are licensed paramedics adding more duties to their plate, and even were on shift earlier in the week.

But Chief Haas says that the 30 person crew is still in need of a new member.

“We are still busy and it's exciting to get new people on board because we do need to help,” said Haas.

Chief Haas says a new position is open currently.

Those who apply to the position must first go through a consortium that consists of a written Public Safety Test, as well as a candidate physical ability test before the applicant will receive an interview.

You can find more information here.