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Kalispell proposes adoption to fix bird over population in Woodland Park

Woodland Park Ducks
Posted at 8:34 PM, Feb 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 16:21:42-05

KALISPELL — Bird adoptions are open to the public in hopes of solving an over-population problem in Kalispell's Woodland Park.

Kalispell Parks and Recreation director Chad Fiuncher told MTN News that over the years the bird population has rapidly increased.

He added that unfortunately this hurts the park's natural habitat. Fincher explained that the high concentration of birds in the park's pond cause an increase in algae blooms.

The birds in Woodland Park have also become too accustomed to humans. Fincher also noted that many visitors to the park feed the birds bread and crackers.

This unhealthy food makes the birds sick and often cause Angel Wing a condition that deforms the bird's wings preventing them from flying and migrating.

Fincher said Kalispell Parks and Recreation are considering a variety of options to fix this problem.

"We've looked at addling, which is oiling the eggs to provide a sterile egg. We've looked at egging which is the removal of eggs," said Fincher.

"Those processes work to some degree, but also has a price tag to it that's not affordable to us at this point," he added.

Right now, the city is encouraging people to adopt the birds in the park.It's strongly advised to take bonded bird pairs.

The adoption period will not be open from March to June, during their nesting and egg laying and hatching season.

Kalispell Parks and Recreation is working directly with the City Council and the public to address the situation.

Public comment meetings should start in the spring.

Meanwhile, if anyone with questions regarding bird adoption can call (406) 758-7849.