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Miracle Flight relieves burden for Great Falls family

Posted at 10:52 AM, Feb 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 16:20:41-05

When winter driving conditions made the trek from Great Falls to the closest cancer treatment facilities too dangerous, a nonprofit organization stepped in to help their dreams of curing their daughter’s cancer, take flight.

Last March, Meghan and Chad Hoskins learned that one of their 7 children had Medulloblastoma, a form of pediatric cancer that affects the brain and spine.

Since there are no nearby facilities where Jojo can receive chemotherapy, the family had no choice but to drive to Kalispell.

“It’s hard when you know that your child needs this life-saving treatment and it’s not available closer to you,” Meghan Hoskins said.

The unpredictable winter weather made the drive too dangerous.

“The first or second trip that we made over there was the night that we had 40 inches and got dumped,” Chad Hoskins said.

So the Hoskins decided they’d have to find another mode of transportation.

“We can’t do this. We can't be risking our lives to take her to get this treatment,” Meghan Hoskins said.

Now, thanks to Miracle Flights, the family can fly Jojo out for treatment to Seattle in less than half the time it took before to drive to Kalispell.

The Hoskins family explained how Miracle Flights’ services have been nothing short of miraculous.

"Miracle Flights has been such a blessing to us because they've taken care of our flights through commercial airlines all the way over to Seattle each time and coming back,” Meghan Hoskins said.

These flight services make the task of conquering Jojo's cancer a little bit easier.

“It's simple, you know, She’s there for two days. They go, have their appointments and she’s able to get back on the aircraft and fly back just a couple days later,” Chad Hoskins said.

When Jojo completes her last treatment, Miracle Flights will be the ones to take her there.

“We’re looking forward to that day we can ring that bell, the cancer free bell,” Chad Hoskins said.

You can follow Jojo’s journey through treatment on their Facebook page, here .