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Missoula company designs app to help detect COVID-19 symptoms

Missoula COVID-19 App
Posted at 10:05 PM, Jun 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-17 15:21:10-04

MISSOULA — As we start to see restaurants, breweries and specifically gyms reopen across the state we’re also seeing a rise in cases.

However, one company in Missoula is trying to help manage the risks of COVID-19 with a new app.

LaunchPoint Software Systems is a Missoula based tech company that recently created an app called SiteRight to help users collect data on their phones.

One of the newest modules in the app is allowing users to help manage the risk of exposure to and spread of COVID-19.

“It accommodates three basic questions that are around the CDC guidelines, which change from time to time and try to stay as recent as we can with the CDC guidelines," said Elm companies President, John Richins. "Followed by the availability to take a temperature reading, capture all of that information electronically, get a latitude and longitude coordination so we know when and where you took that task and seamlessly uploaded it to the cloud where it's stored and secured.”

The app creators’ mission is basic to assist businesses, schools or essentially any organization in returning to a safe environment. Here at Pfahler Sport Specific in Missoula they train around 210 athletes from all ages, they’re one of the first gyms in the area to use the new app.

“It's been awesome, it just ensures that we have a COVID-safe environment here at all times, so parents feel good and the athletes that you know are a little bit more afraid of it," said Pfahler Sports Specific owner Steven Pfahler. "Because we are always trying to respect everybody's views on it, just as we know that everybody has different views on the situation. But we want to respect that and make sure that everybody feels comfortable as they're walking into the gym.”

LaunchPoint and their team will be heading to Loyola Sacred Heart School next to see if they'll be using SiteRight in the near future.

Hinrichs said the app only takes about 7 seconds to upload a temperature reading - quite the quick and easy way to do some important checks.