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Missoula City Council approves impact fees for Mullan area development

Mullan BUILD
Mullan BUILD
Posted at 8:44 AM, Mar 02, 2021

MISSOULA — The Mullan BUILD Project -- now known by its new title, Sx͏ʷtpqyen -- is moving right along following Monday evening's city council meeting.

The project will now see additional funding in the form of impact fees thanks to approval from the council.

Sx͏ʷtpqyen had already secured $13 million in federal BUILD Grant funding, but that still leaves them more than $20 million short of the overall price tag on the project.

The Missoula City council’s adoption of impact fees will help make up some of that difference. The fees operate as a one-time charge for new development and fund the cost of infrastructure in an area of growth.

The city council voted unanimously to approve a transportation impact fee, which will be paid for by those in the district. Without the fees, those costs would instead be spread across the entire city.

Mullan BUILD
The Mullan BUILD Project -- now known by its new title, Sx͏ʷtpqyen -- is moving right along following a Missoula City Council on March 1, 2021.

During the meeting, Mayor John Engen praised the addition of an impact fee for its creativity in guaranteeing funds for Sx͏ʷtpqyen, especially after the city had applied for grant funding and only received half of what was requested.

Council members Jordan Hess and Mirtha Becerra were quick to agree with the Mayor.

“Special impact fees help fund in a way that's equitable, in a way where growth pays for itself, in a way where we are able to plan and develop infrastructure on a large scale and achieve some economies of scale and achieve some orderly and predictable development of the area,” said Hess.

According to the Mullan BUILD project website, evelopers will first tackle Mary Jane Boulevard South, Mary Jane Boulevard North, George Elmer Drive South, and England Boulevard as they begin redeveloping the area.