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Garden City Brewfest draws community together one cup at a time

Posted at 2:25 PM, May 08, 2022

MISSOULA - The Garden City BrewFest returned to Missoula after being put on hold for the last three years due to COVID-19.

Lots of people enjoyed the sunshine in between the breaking clouds on Saturday and there's nothing that says Spring has sprung in Missoula quite like a festival.

The Garden City BrewFest started in 1992 and has been a way for the community to gather ever since.

Zoo City ZymurgistsHome Brew Club president Marcus Schaffer said they are happy to be back.

“Beer brings everybody together because it's a social aspect where people get to hang out and talk and enjoy each other in a relaxed atmosphere,” said Schaffer.

Despite the seemingly gray weather, people were happy to be out with smiles on their faces and cups in hand.

The event was held at the newly renovated Caras Park, complete with vendors selling just over 70 beers, wines, hard seltzers, and ciders.