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Passenger numbers rise for Missoula International Airport

Posted at 7:07 PM, Jun 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-15 21:07:02-04

As things start to reopen, travelers are getting back on the road and in the sky.

More and more passengers are heading through these security gates each day as more people begin to travel as more restrictions are lifted.

"At the low point we were probably around 30 or 40 passengers a day and we're definitely starting to see passengers come back now. We have days that are over 400," said Missoula International Airport Director Cris Jensen.

We may not be in the full swing of tourist season here in Montana, but people are coming.

It's been two weeks since phase 2 of the reopening plans begun and of course a tourist favorite, Glacier National Park reopened last week.

"Numbers are going to continue to climb, so we know that it's going to get busy again so we're just trying to prepare for that time when it does."

Jensen said it's been a tough adjustment but he's confident in the staff and their procedures moving forward.

"We're going to have face masks available for at the entrances to the airport where passengers will be able to take advantage of that if they will and we've changed all of our cleaning routines," Jensen said. "Really, the big change is, and the ongoing changes, is making sure that the traveling public is safe when they come and go from our building and the same thing applies to our employees."

If you do decide to travel in the near future, Jensen said reaching out to your airline prior is a good start.

"Each airline has different requirements right now in terms of wearing face masks and some are handing out little kits when you get on board the aircraft that include gloves and sanitizer wipes and masks and things of that nature," said Jensen. "The two hours prior to departure I would say there's may be a little bit less requirement to be here that soon."

Jensen also told MTN News we can expect to see a number of new procedures in place her at MSO and across the nation as travel continues to trend upward.