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Proposal calls for expansion of Missoula's Currents Aquatic Center

Currents Renderings
Posted at 9:46 AM, Jun 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-01 11:46:53-04

MISSOULA - MTN News has been reporting over the last year about a proposal — and then progress made — on a versatile expansion at Missoula's Currents Aquatic Center.

Missoula officials recently approved the final design of the Currents Center for Recreation and Creativity which would mark a massive expansion of the center.

Renderings show what Missoula Parks and Recreation hopes the center will look like — a multisport facility with walking paths for when it’s cold or smoky outside. They aim for the building to use sustainable materials, and to offer multi-generational opportunities for connections to be made.

Community surveys showed Missoulians wanted a space that reflects the natural world around us, with exposed timber and mountain views.

Currents Renderings

The project cost was estimated at $44.5 million during a recent Missoula City Council meeting. The vote did not approve spending that much money but allows Parks and Rec to begin applying for grants and fundraising.

Missoula Parks and Recreation Director Donna Glockler said in the meeting that the construction costs had risen more than 30% because of pandemic shortages and advised the council to wait for prices to drop before starting construction.

Currents Renderins

MTN News spoke with a man who says he brings his daughter to Currents for swimming and comes to the facility frequently. Brian Doyle says this is an investment in our community to stay healthy, especially during smoky or very cold times.

"It's nice being outside and getting some exercise, but there are certain years with certain months where you just can't do that in a healthy manner,” Doyle said. “Even if you are wearing a mask, most of them aren't going to filter enough particulate to be healthy enough, at least long term. It's hard to find stuff to do inside to keep busy during those hot months, he concluded.