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Runner's Edge goes "green" for Snowbowl 15k Race

Posted at 9:28 AM, Aug 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-04 11:28:40-04

MISSOULA — The Runner's Edge hosts a trail series each year where runner's compete in four difficult races across the area and the finale was held up on Saturday at Snowbowl -- but with a new goal in mind.

The Snowbowl 15k Race used around 20,000 paper cups to hydrate runners last year but this time around, Runner's Edge decided to go green by making an easy shift to reusable cups.

The cups were offered to runners when they crossed the finish line and then placed in a bucket when they were done. The group also offered compostable plates, bowls, spoons and and forks.

Race Director Anders Brooker says they've already seen the positive changes.

“We’re ahead of the curve a little bit, but you’re starting to see more and more races across the country doing it. We looked and said, 'man, we have a lot of waste at the end of these events. How can we minimize waste'?" Brooker said. "And so we’ve had some events that are 600-to-700 people and we walk away with half a bag of garbage."

"It feels good for us and we’ve heard a lot from our participants that it feels good for them too. So, I think it’s a little change in the norm, people are used to go to an aid station and get cups but its been pretty seemless," he added.