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Bozeman USPS service improving, but still has long way to go

Some customers are satisfied, while many are still dealing with the same delivery issues
Posted at 10:30 AM, Jul 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-22 12:36:40-04

BOZEMAN — The USPS office on Baxter Lane is still receiving complaints as people are still having trouble receiving and sending packages at this location.

On Thursday, MTN asked customers outside of the post office if they were having a better experience at the store with their packages and there was a positive response, but social media posts from residents tell a different story.

A couple weeks ago, complaints started piling up as the USPS on Baxter Lane was leaving customers dissatisfied with missing mail.

The excuse for the matter was the 4th of July holiday backing packages up, but the issue continued long after the holiday.

Although customers on Thursday at USPS seemed more satisfied than before, customers have been sharing their feelings on social media.
Facebook posts about missing mail have been very prominent. One post discusses how a USPS representative suggested putting mail on hold in order to get it faster.

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A USPS employee anonymously spoke with Maritsa Georgiou about how their employees have been doing throughout all the backlash coming in and how the staffing shortage issues are affecting them: “We’ve been struggling, we’ve overburdened our employees”

U.S. Senator Steve Daines has been taking an interest in the matter for the people of Montana and just received a response from a USPS representative that was sent to MTN News.

In the letter, the representative states that Bozeman has been dealing with population growth and this USPS branch can’t keep up. It also states within the letter that:

“In response to these staffing challenges, non-delivery days have temporarily been established on a rotating basis, and as such, some customers may not receive mail delivery on certain days. In addition, postal employees from offices across the state are being loaned to assist with mail delivery.”

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A USPS representative says they will continue hosting job fairs to try and fill their staffing issue to make sure that Bozeman and surrounding areas get their mail delivered.

“This is gonna go all summer long, we’re gonna keep doing it until we get the employees that we need to have”