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Butte food bank feeling the high costs of food during the holidays

Posted at 9:49 AM, Dec 14, 2021

BUTTE - Volunteers at the Butte Emergency Food Bank are sifting through literally tons of donated food. It's very important, especially during this time of inflated food prices.

“Everything’s gone up in price, so it does affect, everything’s gone up, just like you when you go to the grocery store what happens,” said Patty Higinbotham with the Butte Emergency Food Bank.

While the food bank gets donations for food from the public, it buys much of its inventory from grocery stores with cash donations. Recent inflation has made this expensive.

“You know, turkeys were way higher than normal when we were buying turkeys for Thanksgiving, yeah, so everything goes up,” said Higinbotham.

The Thompson Family Food Drive held earlier this month collected more than 70,000 pounds of donated food and $52,000 in cash. The food bank said this will help them get through the winter months, by providing food to many hardworking people just going through tough times.

“One man has four children and works two jobs. One job he was working to pay for the gas to go to his second job,” said Higinbotham.

As for how it feels to know you’re helping? “Oh, it’s wonderful, that’s the secret to life, isn’t it? To be able to help other people,” said Higinbotham.