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High fuel prices impacting Montana volunteer fire departments

High fuel prices hitting volunteer fire departments
Ken Hanks
Posted at 11:09 AM, Jun 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-20 13:13:07-04

GREAT FALLS - Diesel prices in Montana are nearing $6 a gallon and are expected to continue to increase throughout the summer.

Volunteer fire departments in Montana are starting now to plan for what could be their most expensive summer yet.

Both the Vaughn and Cascade departments admit to being nervous about gas prices.

“When you are paying $6 a gallon for diesel — and most trucks are diesel, that is going to take a huge chunk out of our budget, ” said Vaughn Assistant Fire Chief Ken Hanks. “We were able to bump up our fuel budget but we were counting on two or three dollars a gallon, not double.”

“We do some fundraising and that typically gives us around $14,000. But that may not even cover the gas bill alone this year," said Eric Tilleman with the Cascade VFD. "Last year we were sitting probably eight to $9000 in fuels and we know that the fuel costs are probably going to double this year from last year.”

Most large engines run on 100-gallon tanks, and at $6 a gallon, the costs add up quickly.

“Normally we are filling up maybe one-to-two a week,” Tilleman said of last summer's fire season.

“You also have to remember that as we are fighting the fires our trucks are still running so we’re still burning gas, it's not just about getting to and from the fire,” said Hanks.

And to offset some of the costs, departments are doing their best to plan cuts in other departments.

“We’re trying to figure out how we can make our equipment and our uniforms work for just a couple more years in order to free up some money for our fuel budget,” said Tilleman.