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Impact Montana's Warrior Challenge raises money for veterans, first responders

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Posted at 8:45 AM, Jun 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-26 10:45:20-04

HELENA - The seventh annual Montana Warrior Challenge kicked off on Saturday in Helena to raise money to support veterans in Montana.

“It's designed to get folks out, whether they've been in the military or haven't been in the military, get them back out interacting with other people, their team, the community, a little bit volunteers, and just have a good time exploring or navigating an obstacle course that it's good to challenge some physical skills and some mental ability and just really some team building overall,” said Impact Montana executive director Ryan Luchau.

Luchau said that the 11 teams that signed up for the course will go through 18 different obstacles, such as an axe throw, medicine ball toss, rope climbing and even a mud crawl.

Impact Montana supports not just veterans but also active duty military members, first responders and their families in six core areas of their life such as financial wellness, physical wellness, spiritual, social, career and family, by connecting them with their partners across the state.

“We support individuals in their journey wherever they're at in their journey in their desire to grow in each or maybe one of those areas," said Luchau.

If you are interested in Impact Montana’s support you can visit their website.