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Montana native makes big strides with '50 Dates 50 States' series

Montana native making big strides with '50 Dates 50 States' series
Posted at 9:46 AM, Sep 27, 2022

HUNTLEY - If you have a TikTok, you may have heard about 50 Dates 50 States and the man behind the series, who is a Montana native.

What started as a fun way to connect with people around the country during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has now turned into a full-time gig for this Huntley resident.

“It’s been so fun getting to see it grow,” said Matthew Wurnig who is the creator behind 50 Dates 50 States.

Season one of the viral TikTok series quickly took off after its start in March 2020.

It grew in popularity so fast that the next thing Wurnig knew he had a management team, cameraman, editor and girls applying to be on season two of 50 Dates 50 States.

“I feel like I never expected it to go the route it’s gone, but I always had high hopes for it,” the 25-year-old said.

Wurnig just wrapped up season two of the TikTok and YouTube series and announced his favorite date, Cassidy Quinn from Illinois, while on Good Morning America.

Winning season two means Wurnig and Quinn will spend four nights in Puerto Rico next year.

And with the end of a season comes the beginning of a new one.

“Season three, there’re some things in the works and whatnot. And I’m very excited to share to the public what those things will be coming up,” Wurnig said.

He also has some other big changes coming up in his life. He is moving to Michigan to be with his management team.

“I am going to be sad to leave Montana because I’ve grown up here the majority of my whole life. It’s going to be bittersweet to leave this place,” he said.

With over half a million followers on TikTok and 100 dates under his belt, I had to ask the dating pro the question: What makes a good date?

“See, I’m not a big fan of dinner dates. I think dinner dates are very, like, you sit there and eat and almost judging each other in a way. So, I think sharing an activity of some sort is always beneficial,” he said.