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"Ted K" Unabomber movie to play at Missoula's Roxy Theater

Posted at 12:12 PM, Feb 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-16 17:47:24-05

MISSOULA — It's been described as "a haunting vision of vengeful obsession" by the Hollywood Reporter, and so far, the critics love it.

It's the release of the movie "Ted K" - a movie filmed mainly in Montana that tells the story about what the infamous Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski was doing while tucked away in his Lincoln-area shack.

That's where FBI agents finally nabbed him in the spring of 1996 after a 17-year manhunt.

The movie stars Sharlto Copley as Kaczynski, the man who took a violent turn against modern society.

"Ted K" is playing at the Roxy Theater in Missoula starting Friday and aside from this locally-grown "horror story" of an anti-technology terrorist, the film also has a lot of local talent who are either 'on screen' or worked 'behind the scenes.'

The movie's release might be small but local interest in the film probably won't be.

"A movie like this brings in audiences from Missoula because Montana made films are of interest to us because we want to see what the state looks like on film and how characters are depicted and it's likely that people who will come see the movie know somebody who was either involved the making of the film or maybe the story itself," said Mike Steinberg Roxy Theater executive director.

"Ted K" is playing at the Roxy Theater in Missoula starting Friday.