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The Bitterroot Grinch dances in yards for the holidays

Posted at 7:23 PM, Dec 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-11 12:07:05-05

He's green and grumpy and has a lot to learn about the meaning of Christmas.

Lurking around trees, or sneaking through the grass, if there was ever a a spotlight year for the Grinch it's this one.

“2020 has been so devastating and so hard and so much sadness and disappointment and I thought this was just a way to list everyone’s spirits.” said 18-year-old Maddie Hankinson, the Bitterroot Grinch.

She wanted to bring a little fun to a tough year, so she hired herself out as the Grinch to cause a little holiday mischief, an idea that may have begun a long time ago.

“When I was young, the Grinch was my favorite," said Hankinson. "I had this little animated Grinch toy that would sing the Grinch song every time you’d press the button. And I loved it so much like that was my favorite Christmas thing it’s my favorite Christmas movie so I thought it would just be a fun exciting new thing.”

Once she launched her Facebook page, It didn’t take long for the Grinchs’ dance card to fill. It's pretty clear there’s a soft spot for this green thing.

“I go over and I sneak around or I steal decorations. A lot of people will wrap empty boxes and leave them out and I’ll pretend to steal their presents. I leave candy canes and interact with the kids through the window. It’s really fun. I went to one house and the little girl didn’t cry but she was very skeptical," Hankinson said.

She also said that this year was a very difficult year and it was easy to let our hearts shrink and that it’s hard going into Christmas with all this disappointment. But she thinkgs important that we let ourselves grow.

The photos are courtesy of Tiffany Photography.