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Asteroid the size of a house flies by Earth

 2022 FB2
Posted at 4:03 PM, Mar 28, 2022

A 49-foot-wide asteroid the size of a house is flying by Earth on Monday causing astronomers to take note, but it's not expected to be cause for alarm experts say.

The newly discovered space object, called 2022 FB2 by astronomers, was first detected on March 26, NASA says. The flyby comes just after another asteroid, called 2022 FD1, passed just 5,400 miles from Earth on Thursday.

And recently, another asteroid called 2022 EB5, hit Earth on March 11 burning up over the Norwegian Sea.

NASA's Paul Chodas, the director of CNEOS at JPL said, "Tiny asteroids like 2022 EB5 are numerous, and they impact into the atmosphere quite frequently, roughly every 10 months or so."

NASA says "Eyes on Asteroids" uses science data to help visualize asteroid and comet orbits around the Sun.

Chodas said, "very few of these asteroids have actually been detected in space and observed extensively prior to impact, basically because they are very faint until the last few hours, and a survey telescope has to observe just the right spot of sky at the right time for one to be detected."