Maid of honor wears T.rex costume in Omaha wedding

Posted at 3:58 PM, Sep 04, 2019

A maid of honor was told she could wear anything to an Omaha wedding--so she decided to go with a prehistoric look.

Joby and Deanna Adams got married in an Omaha backyard wedding on August 10.

Christina Meador, the bride's sister and maid of honor at the wedding, shared a photo on her Facebook page of the ceremony--featuring Meador dressed as a T.rex and holding a bouquet of flowers.

When the couple got engaged, the bride told Meador she could wear anything she wanted. Meador joked she would wear a T.rex suit--and when the bride told her to go for it, it became an ongoing joke.

Meador ordered the suit and wasn't sure if she could pull it off--but the bride and wedding party convinced her. She had a backup dress she changed into after the ceremony, which took place in 89 degree heat.

The groom, Joby, is a staff sergeant and has been in the army for 11 years. Right before the wedding, Joby learned his parent's couldn't make it to the wedding because his mother was so sick with cancer.

Joby and Deanna flew to a Chicago hospital where they had a quick official ceremony so his mother could be a part of it. His mother also watched the Omaha ceremony from her hospital room and has since passed away.

The photo has been shared approximately 37K times, receiving international attention, including calls as far away as an Australia radio station.

This article was originally written by Danielle Meadows for KMTV.