More turmoil in Stevensville as 2 councilmen resign

Posted at 10:12 AM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-18 11:31:40-04

STEVENSVILLE – The Stevensville Town Council will be searching to fill vacancies after two councilmen step down just two weeks after the body returned to a full panel.

The Town Council found itself in another dispute with Mayor Brandon Dewey earlier this month with arguments over appointing former mayor Jim Crews to fill a vacancy.

Mayor Dewey felt the council hadn’t followed the proper procedures, attempting to veto the appointment. But Crews was seated when the council overrode the mayor.

That brought the panel back up to full strength for the first time in weeks.

However, now Crews and Councilman Bob Michalson have suddenly tendered their resignation, notifying Dewey of their decision to leave Tuesday.

The resignations come just days after the council and mayor fought over appointing a new town attorney.

Mayor Dewey tells MTN News that newly-appointed attorney, Scott Owens will “provide guidance” to the remaining council members to set up a process to fill the two openings.

The seats filled by Crews and Michalson will be up for election this fall. Councilwoman Stacie Barker’s Ward 1 seat is also up for election this year.