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Hamilton kicks off comprehensive plan update

Posted at 7:14 PM, Jul 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 10:59:35-04

HAMILTON — Hamilton residents are being invited to roll up their sleeves and help out as the city updates its Comprehensive Plan over the next year.

Hamilton's current Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2015, and there's been a lot of changes since then. Especially when it comes to growth, and planning for the growth to come and providing affordable housing. Other points to be considered in a new plan are traffic, community "vision and values", and future opportunities.

The city has a new website, Envision Hamilton, which provides background information, ways to get involved in planning process, tag a map and share photos. City Planner Matthew Rohrbach says there will be several opportunities for input in the coming months.

"There's going to be a variety of different engagement opportunities, from the digital side of the website but also a lot of in person engagement opportunities. So, next week, kind of is the kick off week. We're having a series of coffee talks on the 14th and 15th around town that people can just show up atop RSVP for. And that's all through the website. But there's going to be plenty of opportunities throughout the next year to get out there and make your voice heard."

There's a questionnaire on the website that asks residents about their "visions and values" as the planning process gets underway.