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Teachers sorting through results of "remote learning" to make sure students advance

Posted at 6:07 PM, Jun 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-10 20:16:26-04

CORVALLIS — Teachers are working to wrap up this unusual school year and prepare for the uncertain educational landscape next fall.

A big part of that preparation is making no students are left behind from the pandemic disruption.

After a few weeks of uncertainty, Western Montana schools settled into an innovated, but largely successful routine for "remote learning".

While buildings like Corvallis High School have remained empty reminders of what this year could have been, teachers are busy making notes, and considering how to proceed if at least some out-of-classroom teaching is needed next year.

Principal Cammie Knapp says the focus has been on noting what worked or didn't work, this spring. But above all with high school students, making sure the kids coming back next fall don't lose ground to their future graduation.

"With that, we are doing some professional development with our teachers to address what students were able to complete," said Corvallis High Principal Cammie Knapp. "And then looking at if we need to go back in the fall and look at refreshing, and then re-teaching some of those concepts so that we do not have a generation of students that are lacking some of those basic knowledge skills needed."

Corvallis, and other local districts, are planning to improve access to summer learning programs to help students who may have struggled with courses this spring.