Bigfork Summer Playhouse raises curtain on dim year for actors

Bigfork Summer Playhouse
Bigfork Summer Playhouse
Bigfork Summer Playhouse
Bigfork Summer Playhouse
Posted at 2:27 PM, Jul 07, 2021
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BIGFORK — Many actors and others were left in the dark as the curtains of stage worldwide were forced to close due to COVID-19 but the shows at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse are well underway for their 2021 season.

“The last time I was on stage was December 2019, so it had been like just over a year and a half of not performing and not working,” said Tyler Pirrung, a fourth year returnee to the playhouse.

Because of the pandemic, many actors were forced to hang their hats and leave the stage behind.
“My last show was March of 2020, so right as the pandemic was happening now it feels so good to be back performing absolutely,” said Brittany Ambler who is returning to the theater for a fifth year.

But the Bigfork Summer Playhouse has begun revitalizing audiences with shows, and the actors behind the scenes have been eager to leave the virtual shows behind and emerge on stage to engage with audiences.

Bigfork Summer Playhouse

“Our shows are comedic, and I think comedy relies on the audience so much like that's our other hidden scene partner, so it's so nice to be getting a response," said Mackenzie Grosse who is returning for a third year. "Be people be happy, and get to relax and enjoy themselves. I think we all really need that after the last year."

As a first-time Bigfork Summer Playhouse Costume Designer, Austin Rausch says the community surrounding the Electric Avenue theatre is what makes it special.

"Bigfork. I think especially because I've worked at other summer theaters that haven't felt as like open and welcoming with events and food, and just like togetherness," said Rausch.

Bigfork Summer Playhouse

Rausch also designed the costumes for Jersey Boys, while also helping stitch items together.

“I am very glad to be back and not only with one show, but with four consecutive shows working on. I had been the wig master of the season which has been really great and getting to help stitch and fit and help backstage just been really great too,” said Rausch.

And for the actors that have been awaiting the rise of the curtain in front of live audiences, "there's nothing like being on stage with a live audience, it's like coming back home."

The Bigfork Summer Playhouse has plenty of tickets available for shows and you can find more information on their website here.

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