Lofty expectations for this season's Whitefish track and field team

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Posted at 10:16 AM, Apr 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-03 19:10:22-04

WHITEFISH — Spring has sprung, which means track season is underway. Here at Whitefish, the Bulldogs look to continue their success from last season. Making that easier? They are returning three state champions: Talon Holmquist, Brooke Zetooney and Gabe Menicke.

Holmquist, who was last year's state champion in the shot put, said," I've been kind of back and forth with another guy I got to know but showed at state and had a good first throw, and it just all came together."

Brooke Zetooney, who was last year's state champion in the 400 and the 400 relay, added, "I was working as hard as I could all season and I had Mikenna Ells to kind of push me, and I had some great competition, especially at state but it was cool to get to win that, that was my main goal. I prayed about it, worked as hard as I could, and you know I was able to reach that."

For the past four years, when you thought of Whitefish track and field, the name that most likely came to mind was Mikenna Ells, who was setting records throughout her time as a Bulldog. But while her time here is over, her impact remains.

"She kind of leads by example. She always worked hard, you know, and she always brought you up and when she beat me, it was good," said Zetooney. "It gave me something to push myself towards, you know. We were always back and forth, and it was just like fun having someone compete and bring you up and push you. I think she's led as a great example, and that's something I want to do for other girls too."

And the Bulldogs will need that extra push with expectations high this season.

"I feel like the pressure is high. I've just been trying to kind of slow it down and work through it and just work my hardest, and that's still obviously the goal to hopefully win again. I'm trying not to over pressure myself because I want to stay healthy and work my hardest no matter what," said Zetooney.

Holmquist added, "Just taking it farther is the goal; there are some kids that are on my tails, there are kids who already have marks this year that are what we were seeing at the end of the year last year, so people have definitely improved, you know, I got work to do."