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Big Sky Blend: Missoula Dental Arts

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jul 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-12 23:43:48-04

There's a new dentist in town and let me tell you: you're in GREAT hands with Dr. Tyler Bond!

Whether you’re suffering from a severe toothache, have missing teeth, or simply desire a whiter smile, Dr. Tyler Bond and his team at Missoula Dental Arts are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Among services offered: preventative care, complete exams, x-rays, as well as restorative care.

Dr. Bond is a general dentist with significant specialized training. His additional training consists of 1,000+ hours of continuing education, which is double the requirement a dentist would need for their entire career.

At Missoula Dental Arts, they take blood pressure readings at every hygiene appointment and for surgery. For those undergoing Oral or IV sedation, they use an EKG with Capnography that will automatically record and track on a computer all of your vitals and ensure the utmost safety. Seriously, check out all of their office technology here.

As a technological leader in the county, they utilize 2 different types of lasers in their clinic. In 2016, Dr. Bond passed the Academy of Laser Dentistry Standard Proficiency Exam qualifying him in all currently available dental lasers except the Periolase (LANAP) ND:YAG laser. He trained with Millennium Technologies and is recognized as the only LANAP/LAPIP trained and certified provider in the county!

To be put simply, LANAP/LAPIP can save teeth and implants without significant surgery, bone grafting, or postoperative pain. He continues his lifelong learning efforts by enrolling and training at the world renown Kois Center for Dental Excellence.

Missoula Dental Arts is currently accepting new patients, so call today at (406) 549-6222 or visit their website.
1001 SW Higgins Ave, Ste 103 Missoula, MT 59803