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Big Sky Blend: Shopko Optical (Swimming & Contacts)

Posted at 9:20 AM, Jun 28, 2023

It's that time of year when we hit the local pools or swimming parks for some fun outside... but be careful if you have contacts! Dr. Rebecca Jackson from Shopko Optical says folks really need to protect their eyes when it comes to pool time.

There are several types of bacteria and other microorganisms lurking in water, especially in public pools, which can cause eye irritation, or in some cases, these organisms can cause a serious sight-threatening infection. Some signs would include: pain, redness, sensitivity to light and/or swelling.

Dr. Jackson recommends taking out contacts if possible BEFORE swimming, but if you can't, wear watertight goggles. If water comes into contact with the lenses, best to just garbage them (they actually make disposable contacts for this situation!).

If you think you have a problem, first and foremost, TAKE OUT YOUR CONTACTS. Dr. Jackson recommends not waiting for the issue to clear up on its own... give Shopko Optical a call at (406) 721-4646 or visit them online and schedule a comprehensive eye exam.

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