Weather Forecast: Calmer conditions & warmer temperatures

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Posted at 4:35 AM, May 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-11 10:29:05-04

MISSOULA - After a whirlwind of rain, thunderstorms, and even a funnel cloud on Tuesday, conditions look much calmer today.

Clouds will be changing throughout the day, but temperatures will rise to the mid-60s and even 70s for some locations.

The scattered showers may return Thursday for a brief period, but the showers do not look as probable for thunderstorm development like yesterday.

Overall, our low pressure systems will soon be hedged out by a large ridge of high pressure which tends to keep things dry and warm.

Temperatures may reach another record-breaking range in May next week.

Daytime highs should only be hitting in the 60s this time of year, but it's looking like above-normal temperatures will stick around for the rest of May.