Weather Forecast: Hot and dry weather returns for back to school

Posted at 4:37 AM, Aug 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-29 10:32:04-04

MISSOULA — Hot and dry weather will accompany the students headed back to school today.

A high pressure ridge is responsible for taking away our stormy weather and bringing clearer skies.

Temperatures will get so hot that Missoula may see record-breaking heat. Missoula has never reached 100 degrees F in September, but Wednesday (August 31st) and Thursday (September 1st) are looking to be the warmest days of the week.

Overnight lows will continue to cool, it is only daytime highs that will be about 10-15 degrees above normal.

Expect cool, dry mornings and hot, dry evenings throughout the week.