Weather Forecast: Mild weather for the weekend, cooler weather coming next week

Changing Weather
Posted at 5:14 AM, Oct 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-06 09:15:18-04

MISSOULA - For now, our weather pattern will remain warm and dry. Temperatures in the morning are still cool, but our afternoons and evenings are hitting around the 70º mark.

On Tuesday evening, the weather models show that a cooler air mass is moving in with the potential for some precipitation, including snow at upper elevations.

This change could make Wednesday morning the first official fall freeze, so it is time to think about doing some winter preparation.

Temperatures during the change will be in the low 50s as daytime highs and below 32 degrees in the evenings.

As we await the shifting pressure systems, tune into StormTracker Weather on KPAX for updates.