Weather Forecast: More toasty temperatures; a few minor thunderstorms possible

Record Breaking Temps.png
Dani Todays Highs.png
Posted at 4:17 AM, May 01, 2023

MISSOULA - Following a record-breaking day yesterday, today's temperatures will again be well above normal.

Records could be broken throughout the beginning of this week until a cold front moves through and drops temperatures.

Until then, Western Montana will see a range of high 70s to high 80s in the daytime.

Expect these warm days to come along with mostly sunny skies and chances for minor thunderstorms each evening.

Most of the thunderstorms will stick to central Idaho and areas right along the border of Montana and Idaho.

By the end of the work week, chances for rain and storms increase slightly, which will also bring temperatures back down closer to normal highs for the month of May (60-degree weather).