Weather Forecast: More widespread fog + slick roads for valleys today

Fog Headlines.png
Posted at 3:47 AM, Jan 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-11 17:23:08-05

MISSOULA - More widespread fog conditions will hit valleys in Western Montana today.

Sometimes, fog does not develop as strongly until daybreak, but when it does develop, reduced visibility will impact the morning commute.

On top of the visibility issues, some areas could see a freezing fog, which is a bit of a hidden danger.

Freezing fog is just like regular fog, but the microscopic water droplets that make up the fog are super-cooled, meaning they turn from liquid to solid upon contact.

The droplets can attach to roads, mailboxes, cars, trees, etc.

Usually, freezing fog does not produce a lot of ice, it's just the hidden nature of it that can cause slick driving conditions.

Drive a little slower in this morning's fog and use low-beam headlights to navigate the reduced visibility.

The Mission, Missoula, and Bitterroot valleys are most likely to see denser fog, but patchy fog is possible in the Flathead region as well.

Light snow is going to impact the southern end of Ravalli County until the afternoon.

Totals look to stay below an inch, but higher elevations may see better accumulation.