Weather Forecast: Off and on snow chances to continue for the weekend

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Posted at 4:07 AM, Mar 24, 2023

MISSOULA - The latest weather system has arrived, with a few changing conditions along with it.

As the cold front continues to move through, gusty winds and snow bands will continue to impact western Montana.

The best chance for snow is this morning until about noon, and then the chance goes down until later in the evening.

There is potential for heavier snow bands that would reduce visibility through Saturday morning.

In general, though, the snow looks like it could come and go anytime throughout the weekend.

Most valley roads will be safe from heavy snow accumulation, but mountain passes in Southwest Montana will be hit harder with snow accumulation.

Totals are looking light for much of the region, with the exception of the Sapphire Mountain Range and surrounding towns.

Temperatures will cool to the upper 30s for the weekend, reaching 40s again by Monday or Tuesday.