Weather Forecast: Smoky, hazy skies into the weekend

Posted at 4:36 AM, May 18, 2023

MISSOULA — Skies will be smoky and hazy going into the weekend due to wildfire smoke from fires in Canada.

Other parts of the country will be seeing the smoke as well as a cold front pushes the haze to the East Coast.

Right now, it looks like the smoke may clear by late Saturday or Sunday. Part of the reason for clearing will be because winds will shift westerly and lead the smoke away from western Montana.

Air quality will be monitored until skies start to look a little better.

One upside to the smokiness will be that it should help keep temperatures more mild, at least for today.

Still, the heat is expected to turn on by Friday and continue until next week. Temperatures at this time will run 15-20 degree above normal.

Next, temperatures will return to 10 degrees above normal and thunderstorms will be possible again.