Weather Forecast: Snow to taper off today; sunnier day tomorrow

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Posted at 3:06 AM, Feb 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-01 10:33:15-05

MISSOULA - Light snow is expected to continue through the early morning hours, with some continuing in the Highway 93 corridor and along I-90 today.

Most of the snow at lower elevations should taper off before the evening, according to current weather model runs.

However, as we've seen with this storm, the snow can intensify quickly and then dissipate quickly.

Snow chances are variable throughout the day with this uncertainty in mind.

Impacts from new snow overnight will be similar to yesterday's weather impacts — slick roads and paved surfaces, slower commute times, and the potential for reduced visibility.

With yesterday's accidents along I-90, drivers should be careful traveling at high speeds on busy roadways.

Winds are slightly gustier today which will impact visibility if new snow gets blown around.

On the plus side, temperatures are continuing to warm up.

Valley inversions may build as the snow clears out, which would trap current temperatures and create some patchy fog.

Thursday looks like a clearer day - a break from the winter weather while we wait for spring.