Weather Forecast: Snowfall today, drier conditions for the rest of the week

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Posted at 3:23 AM, Dec 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-12 10:17:00-05

MISSOULA - Snow will continue to fall today, with most areas seeing an end to the precipitation by the evening hours.

The morning commute will likely be slick and hazardous, so take the extra time to drive slowly and arrive safely.

The Bitterroot will see the snow the longest throughout the day, but accumulation forecasts are only indicating less than 1" to be added to snow totals from yesterday.

By Tuesday, the snow is looking to move out and drier weather conditions will be the trend for the rest of the week.

While the dry weather may be a relief to some, extremely cold temperatures are on the way to accompany the dry weather.

Right now, daytime high temperatures will be in the mid-20s, midweek the highs will drop to low 20s, and by the weekend, temps will drop to the teens.