Weather Forecast: Ways to ride out the heat wave

Posted at 4:22 AM, Aug 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-16 10:23:02-04

MISSOULA — Currently, the models are showing that the high pressure system we've been seeing is not letting up. This means that we'll continue to feel like we've opened an oven at a high temperature and the it will not cool down. With this extended heat wave in the weather forecast for the week, here are some practical ways to stay cool:

1. Stay hydrated and wear light-colored and breezy clothing. At this level of high temperatures, clothes and water make all the difference.

2. If possible, limit outdoor activity during the hours of 2 - 7 PM. These will be the hottest hours of the day and staying in shade or in air-conditioning will protect you against heat sickness.

3. Do not leave people or pets inside cars! Outside temperatures are not reflective of what the inside of cars feel like.

Bonus tip: try out a new local ice cream shop this week!