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White Chocolate Snickers Are Coming Back

White Chocolate Snickers Are Coming Back
Posted at 1:35 PM, Dec 11, 2019

It looks like 2020 will bring a new look for Snickers candy bars. Or, at least the new year will bring back an old favorite flavor!

The Mars Candy corporation announced the return of Snickers White starting in January 2020. A sweet tweet from Snickers confirmed the news white-chocolate-lovers have been waiting for since the limited-time flavor disappeared off store shelves after making its debut last year.

This time, though, Snickers White will not be a temporary fix for those who love the candy bar coated in white chocolate. Once Snickers White returns to shelves in January 2020, it will be a permanent addition to the company’s lineup of crunchy, yet chewy candy bars. So, you can choose whether you like your peanuts, nougat and caramel drenched in milk chocolate or white chocolate.

When Snickers tweeted out the news, they immediately pulled in a flurry of positive comments:

“We received a resounding positive response from fans when we launched Snickers White as a limited edition offering last year,” brand director Josh Olken said in a press release. “As we continue to see the demand for white chocolate grow, we’re excited to present this new take on our classic Snickers for more fans to enjoy.”

Snickers White candy bars will come in two sizes. There will be a single-serving, 1.41-ounce bar, and for those who want to share, there will be a 2.84-ounce Snickers White bar.

Mars | Snickers

White chocolate seems to quite the trendy flavor these days. Snickers White joins a lineup of other white-chocolate offerings from Mars Candy, including M&M’s White Chocolate, M&M’s White Chocolate Peanut and Twix White Chocolate.

While Snickers White fans will have to wait a little longer for their favorite candy, we have a couple of white chocolate recipes to keep anyone with a sweet tooth happy until the big day, so long as you’re willing to whip something up in your kitchen.

How about mixing up a five-ingredient no-bake peanut butter snowball recipe that is easy and delicious? Or this show-stopping white chocolate peppermint bark cheesecake?

We’re also thinking that once they’re out, Snickers White will turn this Snickers Slab Pie into a double-chocolate decadent treat.



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